I Need a Plan For My Bad Days cont.

Sorry about the rant I had last week. Wanted to let you know I’m ok now!

I got through a very hectic but great long weekend with all my daughters and my gorgeous granddaughter! And of course my wonderful husband!!!!

Having said that I still need a plan for those bad times cause with PTSD they appear out of nowhere.

I have now written a list of things that help me and just have to look at the list.

Hope you want to hear it cause here it comes!

1/ Listening to encouraging Christian speakers

2/ Using this massager on my thighs:

3/ Using a heat pack on my neck and midsection. I actually find weight on my legs in particular useful.

4/ Writing for my blog.

5/ Researching a new idea.

6/ Sorting stock like craft for the shop where I work.

7/ And listening to Christian music as much as I can while doing these things and while going to sleep.

So some of these may sound strange to you but I can be a little strange at times. I’m also very introverted when feeling bogged down in my stressed state.

Hoping there maybe something different for you to try!

And I’ll be putting these things in my self care box!

Talk again soon

Bye from Sarai

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