Self Care When You Are An Introvert!

Yes I’m using birds again!!!!

Again there are 2 types of introverts!

The dove is easy going, so very adaptable! They want harmony in their lives and close relationships. The dove can be prone to procrastination!

For self care you need to take time out from people. I’ve used the term ‘peopled out’ before to express how I’m feeling. You may enjoy just ‘vegging’ out in silence, maybe not thinking of anything in particular.

Now there’s the owl! They are very deep thinkers, enjoy research, are loyal friends. The weakness for these people they can be prone to depression.

The owl likes time alone as well, however your mind is likely very active, maybe thinking of what you could do tomorrow.

Both the Dove and the Owl could benefit from time spent in nature or going for a solitary coffee at their favourite coffee shop.

An important thing to say here is that all of us are a combination of at least 2 different temperaments.

I am a mixture of the Dove and Owl, so I am a true introvert.

However, my husband is a Dove and Peacock, so he needs people around him but he is very easy going.

Can you work out your combination????

You can go to:>tests

Here you can answer a series of questions which help you discover yours.

So that’s it for today! Will talk again soon!

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