Let’s Talk about the Absolute Basics of Self Care

Why do we need to talk basics of self care? If a person becomes severely depressed or suffering burn out, it can at times be difficult to force yourself to do these things.

Self Care is an ongoing process not a one time thing!

Daily Self Care

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Bathing and Washing your Body and your Face 

I know this sounds logical but I can remember times when I would get home from work and by the time I had cooked and eaten dinner the last thing I wanted to do was clean myself. But when I did I felt soooo much better. And why at night? First because it made me feel so much better to have that nice long soaking bath or shower and in the morning I only ever had time for a 2 minute one at most. (Cause I hated getting up in the morning!!! Still do!)


Washing, brushing and combing your hair. Now if you are prone to headaches while you wash your hair give your head a massage. Always helps me! Of course even better if done at the hairdresser!

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Dressing in clean clothes – nice fresh smelling and feeling clothes – nothing better! Of course to get to wear clean clothes you need to wash them or get them cleaned.

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Water – Are you sick of hearing how you have to drink so much water a day? If you’re not a fan of water try just one extra glass a day. It’s got to be better than what you’re drinking at the moment right! I’m talking to myself here as well haha!

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Food-eat an extra serve of vegetables each day! If you don’t usually have any that means you start with one tomorrow!

Again you can come home so tired the last thing you feel like doing is cooking, especially decent food. (If you’re like me, after a stressful day it’s all about junk food)I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you to try for this.

  • Narrow your choices of food – pick two healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You can try these for one week and see what you think!
  • Do some meal preparation on the weekend when you have time. If you’ve never heard of this you can ask me in my comments or just look it up online.(clip art.com)

Sleep -We all know sleep matters! however if your anything like me its one of the first things to go when I’m stressed. try and get your 7 to 9 hours each night when you can and when you can’t, well let’s talk about that at another time.

I have saved some ‘Self Care’ ideas,(not my own) on Pinterest if you have time to browse. Look for ‘Students with Behaviour Problems’. Some of my saves are under ‘Teaching Assistants’, others under ‘Self Care’.

For those who don’t have the time for that or don’t use Pinterest I will be going through other ideas soon.